How I organise my sewing supplies.

Hey guys,

so today im gonna tell you how I organise my supplies.

So, the first thing I use is zip lock bags. I use these bags to store materials, labels/tags (brand labels/tags), I also use them for bobbins and loose threads.

The next things I use are small 4 oz containers. I use these for, needles, pins, buttons and small cut out shapes (e.g. hearts)

this is all I use but if you want a more detailed description, you can visit my YouTube video at


DIY: Turning Ripped Jeans Into Shorts

7DBED61F-6C35-4A04-B115-A15028AD06E2.jpegHey peeps!

So today I created some shorts out of ripped jeans. It was really simple and probably took me about ten mins. I really like the outcome and can’t wait to wear them in summer. I’m going to be sewing a lot now since it’s the Easter holidays, and I hope I can make a lot of clothing items.

i did make a YouTube video on how I made these shorts.